Crisis Services: What you need to know...

If someone says they are feeling suicidal or homicidal… if they indicate they want to harm themselves or someone else… please call the 24 Hour Crisis Hotline:
What to expect when you call the Crisis Hotline:

  • A trained crisis counselor will answer your call and provide direction
  • The counselor will offer you referrals for mental health services if needed

The situation requires immediate action if the patient is:

  • in the act of hurting or killing themselves
  • threatening to hurt or kill themselves or someone else
  • looking for ways to hurt or kill themselves and is talking about a plan to do so
  • talking about death or suicide and is acting anxious or agitated
  • talking about death or suicide and is intoxicated or “high” on drugs

Here is what you do:

  • Call 1-866-567-2400 or 217-342-5504
  • Don’t leave the person alone…. the patient will need to be taken to St. Anthony’s Emergency Room by family or a friend or by ambulance.  If the patient is already at a clinic, a crisis counselor can be dispatched to the clinic to assess the patient.

If a patient appears to have a mental health problem and is not in crisis:

  • Please call Heartland Human Services at 217-347-7179 and make a patient referral… or send them directly to Heartland Human Services (we take walk-in referrals during weekday hours).  

Heartland Human Services has:

  • Full time Psychiatrists on staff (psychotropic medication management)
  • Licensed psychotherapists
  • Certified substance abuse counselors