To Begin Services

To begin services at Heartland Human Services, please contact the agency at (217)347-7179, select option 7. A brief phone interview will allow us to determine the type of services you need and the best staff to serve your needs.

At Heartland Human Services...
*No one will ever be denied access to services due to inability to pay.
*There is a discount sliding fee schedule available.

Mental Health or Substance Abuse Services

  • Photo ID
  • Medication list (Medication Name, Dosage & Frequency)
  • Referral source documentation (if applicable)
  • Insurance information (It is recommended that you check your coverage with your insurance provider.)

Additional information if you do not have insurance

  • Medicaid information (if applicable)
  • Proof of income for all members of the household (A household is defined as any related persons living in the same dwelling. Required by State for Medicaid and other subsidies)
  • If there is no household income, a letter will be needed from the person providing your housing along with a copy of their photo ID, stating that you have no income and they are providing housing for you.

DUI Services

Documentation required before appointment is scheduled

  • Summary of Suspension/Ticket(s) (Circuit Clerk office in county of arrest)
  • Chemical Test Results (Breathalyzer, Blood test, BAC level, ect.)
  • Identification
  • DUI tickets
  • Sworn Report (court house in county of arrest)
  • Driving Abstract (Secretary of State)
  • Probation Orders (if applicable)
  • $70.00 evaluation fee (Indigent funding may be available to anyone who meets State income qualifications. To apply for indigent funding, a copy of your most recently filed tax return, or a notarized letter attesting any change in status from your last filing is required.)
  • Medication list (Medication Name, Dosage & Frequency)

You are required to bring a significant other (wife, parent, etc.) or someone who has known you for 3 years or more to your evaluation appointment

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