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Medicare D Open Enrollment Information


By Tena Westendorf, BS, Information & Assistance Specialist


What does that mean for you?  It means that you have a chance to see what medicines your current plan will cover for 2017.  You can also:

  • See the average cost of your medication including
    • The Premium
    • Costs of medicines
  • Compare plans
  • Compare pharmacies
  • Make sure your medication is covered.

To find a plan that fits all of your needs, go to a Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
Counselor.  SHIP Counselors are trained in Medicare and to help you with finding the best Medicare Part D plan.  In Effingham, Heartland Human Services is a SHIP site.  Tena Westendorf and Trisha Katt are Certified SHIP Counselors. 

  • Heartland Human Services
  • Telephone:  ( 217) 347-7179 ext. 1050

To make an appointment with a SHIP counselor at Heartland Human Services you will need to contact us to mail you a Plan Finder Worksheet.  This Worksheet helps us understand what your needs are for your Medicare Part D.  Once completed please drop it off at Heartland Human Services or Mail it to Heartland Human Services at 1200 N Fourth Street Effingham IL 62401.  Beginning Sept 12th or when we have received your Plan Finder Worksheet, we will schedule you an appointment for Open Enrollment.

There are scams and frauds that go on during Open Enrollment.  Some clues to watch for:

  • A caller who says you must join their prescription plan or you’ll lose your Medicare coverage.
  • Someone calls or emails claiming they need your Medicare number to update your account, get you a new card, or send you Medicare benefit information. It’s a scam.
  • A person claiming to be a Medicare plan representative says they need “to confirm” your billing information by phone or online. Stop. It’s a scam. Plan representatives are not allowed to ask you for payment over the phone or online.
  • Dishonest companies may offer you free medical exams or supplies. Be wary. It may be a trick to get and misuse your personal information.
While you do not have to change your Medicare Part D plan every year, plans do change from year-to-year-and sometimes they change drastically.  Remember it is best to have a SHIP Counselor run your medicines in the Medicare Formulary each year so that you can decide which plan is best for you in 2017.


If you or a loved one are experiencing  any symptoms of depression, contact Heartland Human Services at 217-347-7179